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Finding new solutions for a better future for farming

Our smart farming technology is a complete solution that ensures monitoring and control of greenhouse processes and improves crop quality and productivity. We are developing AI models to multiply the crop yield. Our skilled, experienced engineers implement and apply new technologies for specific customer demands.

  • Equipment Control
  • Remote Management
  • Analytics and AI

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What We’re Offering

How many times have you endured your system crashing and your business processes slowing down?
Many companies have gone through this arduous experience, and the costs and reputational risks it entails.
Choosing the right company to share responsibility with you is of utmost importance.


How automation impacts farming

Compared with Conventional farming, our smart farming can increase productivity from 3 to 10 times

Fully manageable environment
that minimizes manual labor

Data Driven Growing based
on AI technologies


Partners and projects

We are closely collaborating with the Armenian National Agrarian University in relation to knowledge sharing, training and potential project deployments. Moreover, our solution has been integrated in the University’s experimental greenhouse. ICARE is our next partner where we share our knowledge and adoption of smart farming automation technology with the students and help provide them a solid foundation for smart farming advancement within Armenia and beyond. We have completed several projects with our channel partner AgroTrend and are continuing to help transform the Agri food farming processes in Armenia.

Learn and grow with US

Better Agriculture for a Better Future

To meet the demands of a growing population, the farmers and agribusinesses are turning to smart farming technologies with improved analytics and greater production capabilities. We are excited to offer an open internship position for a motivated and enthusiastic individual who is eager to gain hands-on experience in the greenhouse automation industry.

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Rewriting the rules of growing

We believe in the power of technology in order to engineer a better future. The deeply experienced team of Nu FarmTech professionals are focused on providing solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of every farmer. Through our collaborative nature, we stay close to the ever-evolving needs of farmers – today and in the future

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